The Farm

Producing sustainably grown, high quality food year-round while improving soil fertility.
Located on the outskirts of Pittsboro, NC, Piedmont Biofarm is a year-round, suburban vegetable farm surrounding the Piedmont Eco-Industrial campus. Farmers Brett Evans and Will Carmines and their production team grow a diverse repertoire of vegetables with minimal mechanical equipment and no synthetic chemical inputs. In particular, we are well-known for our extensive selection of peppers, sweet potatoes, and greens, as well as our specialization in season extension techniques that allow us to provide fresh produce throughout the winter without using energy to heat our passive solar tunnels. We use local leaf mulch and compost to enrich our soil and benevolent pest management practices.

Our story
Piedmont Biofarm was founded in 2006 by Doug Jones, an elder of the sustainable agriculture movement.  Doug’s vision for the farm was to combine vegetable production, seed saving and breeding work, and a focus on educating the next generation of farmers.  Over time, he became known for his extensive breeding lines of peppers, and he devoted increasing amounts of his energy to this project.  Realizing this, he began looking for the next generation of vegetable farmers to transition leadership of the farm in order to allow him to focus more on his pepper work.

In 2014, two of Doug’s former interns – Brett Evans and Will Carmines – decided to take the opportunity and reorient the farm back towards market and CSA farming.  Brett and Will each had previously worked on several other farms and were ready to take the next step in managing their own operation with consultation from Doug.  The focus on high-quality peppers, heirloom sweet potatoes, and a diversity of greens continues under Brett and Will’s, as does the use of season extension to grow year-round.    

Where you can find our veggies:

Durham Farmers’ Market
Our Pittsboro CSA
Restaurants throughout the Triangle
Chatham Marketplace